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How do I cash up? Make changes to a cash up? Export a cash up? Where do I change my float? how do I cash up a till with no takings?

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one iPad running Bustle you need to cash up ALL active iPads daily - whether you have actively taken payment on them or not. If an iPad is opened after cash up, it needs to be cashed up at the end of the day and kept locked.

Where are cash ups located in Bustle?

There are two areas in Bustle to manage cash your ups. Let's take a look.

  1. Bustle iPad App - Where you process the end of shift cash ups, entering in the cash and card takings and changing your float.

  2. Bustle Hub - Where you can view and report on each cash up, edit and also send the totals through to Xero. Located under Onsite > Cash Ups.

Cashing up an iPad when no payments were made on it.

Closing an iPad for the day is an important process that helps clean up the system and keeps Bustle running smoothly. If you have iPads set up to only take orders - they still need to be closed.

To do this takes only a few seconds.

  • Head to Settings > Cash Up > Press Yes

  • Press Next on the Till Drawer page

  • Press Next on the Cash page (remove any Float amount)

  • Press Next on the Cards page

  • Press Confirm

NB: If you have any tabs open at the end of the day you will need to settle them or save them as an account - more on that here.

Reopening a Cash Up / Editing a Cash Up on your Bustle Hub

Head to Cash Ups.

All of your cash ups will be listed by date. Each line is a total of all cash ups from all of your iPads. Click anywhere on the total row to expand the day and view the individual cash ups. Then click on the row of the cash up you want to view/edit.

The cash up will open up on the right of the page. To edit the cash up press the Reopen button .

Here you can edit the actual values for Petty cash at the top, Card in the middle and the cash count at the bottom.

Once you’re done, click the Finalise button at the bottom and refresh the cash ups page.

Exporting Cash Ups

To export cash up information on your Bustle Hub, select the date range, then the cash ups you want to export and press the Export button.

Select the Date range using the date picker (1) a whole page of cash ups (2) or select individual cash ups (3).
Press (4) Export to download a .CSV file of your cash up data.

If you’re reporting on more than a page of cash ups, you will need to run separate cash ups for each page then copy/paste into your spreadsheet app.

Notice a variance in your cash up and keen to get to the bottom of it?

Check out the article below...

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