With posBoss table layout you can take control of your floor, calculate covers and work out your spend per head. It's really easy to set up! Here's how...

If you are already trading and using posBoss, there's a few things to consider...

  • It will take 30 mins to an hour to set up your tables so make sure you start with plenty of time spare before your next trading shift.

  • Take time to train your staff. Training mode can be used but any tables set up in training mode will not remain after you switch out of training mode. Your layout needs to be set up in Live Mode.

  • Show the team the video at the bottom of this article so they know how it works.

  • Make sure you are on the latest version of posBoss - Check for updates in the iPad's App Store.

Ready to get set up?

Pop into your Management Site and head to Setup > iPad Setup and switch on the Table Layout toggle.

On your iPads, open the posBoss iPad till app and go to Settings > Sync menu. Table layout will be ready to roll. Head to Settings > Table Builder to start.

But wait!

Check out the video below to see how the tables are built and how to use them once set up. You'll be all tabled up in no time!

Any questions? contact the support team using the support messenger on your management site.

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