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Printer Setup - Epson Ethernet Printers
Printer Setup - Epson Ethernet Printers

How to set up an Epson TM-T82II, Epson TM-T82III, TM-M30III-H or TM-U220B Printer for Bustle

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Epson ethernet printers which are purchased new, or have been factory reset, may require configuration for your network. 

In this guide we will help you through the following:

We support the following Epson (ethernet) printers:

Epson Thermal Printers - TM-T82II, TM-T82III, TM-M30III-H
Epson Dot Matrix Printers - TM-U220B

Tip: Most Epson printers will work with Bustle. To quickly test if your printer works, grab an iPad, download the Bustle app and select the demo mode. You can try searching for and adding your printer here and if it works, you're good to go.

Please note: Any other ethernet Epson printers that are unsupported may work using the process below. We'll do all we can to help but may not be able to support getting them running for you. Non-ethernet Epson printers (working on bluetooth or wi-fi) will not currently work with Bustle)

Try this first - Does it plug in and work?

You can first try plugging the printer into your router and then searching for it in the Bustle printer settings following the steps in this article

You can find the printer when searching but it doesn't print...

Try re-selecting the printer from the list in the Printer field shown below, then try doing a test print.

You cannot see the printer when searching in Bustle...

This Epson provided process is usually needed for older printers or those that have been configured to another router previously.

If you have had the printer working before but have changed to a new router - you need to follow the "Reset to Factory Defaults" instruction at the bottom of this article before starting this process.

Please note: Using this guide requires some knowledge of your network and computer operating system (Mac or Windows). Note: Follow each step carefully and if you make a mistake and need to start again, follow the "Reset to Factory Defaults" instruction at the bottom of this article. It should take approx. 10 mins to configure each printer.

What do I need?
For the setup you will require:

  1. A router with wireless network running.

  2. The Epson TM-T82II , TM-T82III or TM-U220B (Dot Matrix) printer, connected to a power source.

  3. An ethernet cable (known as an RJ45) - May not be included with printer

  4. A Mac or Windows computer with an ethernet/network port (New Mac's will need a USB-C/Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter as they don't have a network port)

Step 1 - Download and install the Epson config utility to your computer (not the iPad)

This app lets you configure the printer to your network. Download and install the EpsonNet Config utility on your computer by doing the following (see screenshot below):

Click this Link:  Epson Site 

NOTE: You are not looking for a driver here. You need to download the EpsonNet Config file.

Scroll down until you see the Setting Utility for Interface section. Drop down the arrow to open it up. (See Image Below)

  1. Click the Download page button for the computer you are using to configure the printer (Mac OS or Windows OS), read and accept the terms and download the EpsonNet Config application.

  2. After download, Install and run the utility on your computer.

  3. Should you get an error that the file is damaged (Mac), see the Troubleshooting section of this article. 

Step 2 - Setup Printer to obtain IP automatically

For Mac computers:

  1. Turn off your printer.

  2. Connect your computer with the ethernet cable connected to your printer. This will create a new network connection.

  3. Go to Systems Preferences > Network

  4. Locate the network connection you have just made with your printer - it will be named Thunderbolt or USB Connection
    You are looking for an active Ethernet connection that isn't your usual wifi (if you can't locate it, turn on your printer and look for the network that looks active/changes colour. Now turn off your printer to continue the process)

  5. Click Advanced

6. Go to TCP/IP and copy the following details onto your own settings. For the IP address, you'll want to set the last digits to numbers of your own choosing (it can be anywhere between 1-3 digits, it just can't be "168").

The IP address is generally written as follows: -

In the image below, it says - the .45 is the part you'll want to change (you can change it to .2 or .22 or .222)

7. Press Apply to any changes
8. Turn on the printer. A green light on the top panel of the printer will appear.
9. Go to Step 3 - Configure Printer past the windows instructions below.

For Windows computers:

  1. Connect the printer to your computer using an ethernet (RJ45) cable. The printer then needs to be switched on to create a new network connection.

  2. Within your computer’s network settings/preferences, locate the network connection you have just made with the printer. Network settings are found in different areas depending on what Windows operating system you use. You’re looking for something like Control Panel > Network and Sharing Options > Connections.  Try an internet search if you get stuck.

  3. Once you’ve found it, click Ethernet (NB: It may be called something else depending on your windows version but see pic below)

4. In the Network Status window that opens, press Properties.

5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and press Properties.
6. Manually configure the computer's network IP on this connection to be where 'xxx' is anything EXCEPT 168. (Stuck? try using the manual option rather than DHCP) and set a subnet mask of  

7. Save your changes and close out of the Network Centre.

Step 3 - Configure Printer to your network

Now we have prepared the computer, it's time to set up the printer for your network.

  1. Launch the EpsonNet Config software and search for the printer. Click the refresh button if it doesn’t appear. (It may take a minute or two)

  2. Select the printer and press Configuration.

  3. Set TCP/IP  > Basic > Method for Specifying IP Address to “Automatic” and tick the box underneath (APIPA) if it is off. It should appear the same as below..

  4. Double check that your page looks like the one below - if any of these settings are incorrect at this point you, the setup won't work)

Follow these steps: to apply these settings to the printer

  • Save the settings by pressing the Transmit button. It will pop a window advising it’s complete. Click OK but, importantly...

  • WAIT THREE MINUTES (Epson technical support recommendation)

  • After 3 mins - Connect the printer to the router using a network cable.

  • Turn the printer off and turn it back on.

  • Ensure the configuring computer is back on the network router’s Wifi.

  • Open the  EpsonNet Config utility and click refresh. This should confirm that the printer has been assigned a unique IP address. (Sometimes the IP can take a while to appear. If the printer appears after a refresh but the IP hasn’t appeared, move on to step 4 below for setup and testing)

Step 4 - Configure the Bustle app to connect to the Printer

  • Ensure the iPad and the Epson printer are on the same network provided by the router.

  • In the Bustle iPad til app, navigate to Settings > Printer Settings

  • Add a printer and select Printer > Epson (select Ethernet or Dot Matrix)

  • Tap the Search for Printers link and if your configuration has been successful, your printer will appear.

  • It will display the MAC address rather than an IP address - something like EC:9D:T5:F6:J4

  • Try a test print and test the cash drawer if one is connected. 

  • If all is working, you’re good to go! If not, there has been an issue with the configuration. You will need to perform a factory reset (see below) and configure the printer again.

  • For more information on configuring your printer for Bustle, click the button below

Additional Information:

Ports and Buttons

The diagram below displays the different ports and buttons on the back of the Epson printer.

To perform a factory reset

  • Turn off the printer

  • At the back of the printer, press and hold the small button (shown as factory reset above) by using a pen or a pin 

  • While continuing to hold in the button, turn on the printer and wait for up to 10 seconds until the printer first starts to print diagnostic information. 

  • Stop pressing the button. The printer will now be reset to factory default settings and no longer configured to the network.

To print the IP address of the printer

If the printer’s IP address is required for any reason, you can print it out when the printer is turned ON.
Note: You shouldn't enter this IP address into Bustle - you should press Search for Printers in the printer settings and select the MAC address.

  • At the back of the printer where the small factory reset button is, press and hold the button by using a pen or a pin for 3 seconds and it should print a report including the printer's IP address

  • Let go of the button as soon as it prints.

To print the printer settings and perform self test 

  • Start with printer OFF

  • While holding down the FEED button, turn on the printer using the switch on the front of the printer 

  • The self test prints the printer settings and then prints the following, cuts the paper, and pauses.

  • The PAPER light will be blinking

  • Press the FEED button to continue printing. The printer will then print a pattern using the built-in character set.

  • Please note: This test will likely not display the printer’s IP address


Error - File is damaged (Mac)

Should you get this error, the following process should fix you up. 

  1. Click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and select System Preferences

  2. Select Security and Privacy

  3. If you can’t make changes in this section, click the lock at the bottom left and enter your Mac password. 

  4. Select Anywhere from the section “Allow apps downloaded from”. See pic below

  5. Try installing and running the app again. Once installed, you can go back into Security and Privacy and select your original settings.

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