Stocktake and Stock Invoices

How to enter invoices and run stocktake in Bustle

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To get your stocktake rolling... 

  1. Make sure you've added your suppliers and products as well as entered your recipes on your menu items. Here's how: RECIPE BUILDER 

  2. Add your Stock invoices

  3. Set up and run your Stocktake 

  4. NB: Don't forget to finish and Lock your Stocktake before starting a new one.

Learn how it all works by watching the two quick videos below.

Please note: 

  • Bustle stocktake is designed to be paperless. Log in to your Bustle Hub on your iPad or laptop and forget those old printouts and double handling.

  • See notes below on how to best manage your FIRST Stocktake.

Step 2  - Add your Stock Invoices (< 4min)

Step 3 - Set up and run your Stocktake (< 9min)

Don't forget to Finish and Lock your stocktake after you have reviewed it and before creating a new one.

Managing your first stocktake

Your first stocktake is needed to set up the "Last counted" numbers for all your products. As we have no record of them for the fist stocktake, it will show a large variance.

There are a couple of options here.

  1. Acknowledge that this will be the case for the first stocktake and wait for your next stocktake to happen, where your initial variances will be fixed.

  2. Do a second stocktake right after the first and enter in the same count numbers. This will show you have no variance.

  3. You could possibly enter in Stock invoices for each item with the initial counts. However - be aware that you cannot enter in (as an example) half a bottle of spirits as an Invoice item - so this is not an ideal way to enter in the first count.

  4. When new products are added to your product list, a stocktake is required in order to start tracking them properly. Once you have done the first count, the stock Sold will start calculating and your current stock will be set.

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