posBoss is designed to be snappy and handle many transactions. If you are experiencing any slowness this is an issue that should be easily fixed.

If you have more than one iPad with posBoss installed, the most likely culprit is a build up of your orders and transactions on the iPads. This can affect a whole raft of things from general slowness to connecting to eftpos to Paperless dockets stopping.

The long explanation of why

This happens when cash ups are not completed on all iPads daily. posBoss iPads share data, and cash up is the time old transactions and orders are cleaned up. If not all are cashed up (even if not used), when they open, all of the old transactions/orders are again shared across all iPads - eventually slowing everything down.

Here's what to do to fix it...

  1. Check how many iPads you have set up. On the management site, Go to Settings > posBoss Settings > Devices. Are there any there that you are not cashing up on a regular basis? Are there any there that you can remove?

  2. At the end of service (or now if the issue is stopping you trade), cash up ALL iPads at the same time and keep them locked until all iPads are cashed up. This means not entering your PIN code after the cash up (or starting the shift by signing in with your emoji login)

  3. Open up all iPads again and make sure they have reset their first order number. If it is not reset (like the pic below) and is on a random number, do another cash up but don't enter any totals - press Next, Next, Next then Confirm and save the cash up. This should reset it properly.

posBoss iPad First Order Number

Now that all iPads have been cashed up and start at the correct first order number, the clean up process should take place and everything should speed up again.

Most importantly: Keep cashing up all iPads daily, keeping them locked until all are cashed up, or you will soon be experiencing slowness again.

Paperless: If Paperless has stopped working, this should fix the problem but it may take a while for it to start working again. Try syncing the menu on both posBoss and Paperless and it should start up again not too long after.

If this has not fixed the slowness after a couple of go's at cashing all iPads up together, then check out this article below and try the other suggestions.

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