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Table Layout - How to set up and use tables
Table Layout - How to set up and use tables

Control your floor & calculate covers by setting up table maps and using them on the Bustle Till app.

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Key Points

  • With Bustle table layout you can take control of your floor, calculate covers and work out your spend per head. It's really easy to set up!

  • If you are already trading and using Bustle, there's a few things to consider

    • It will take 30 mins to an hour to set up your tables so make sure you start with plenty of time spare before your next trading shift.

    • Take time to train your staff. Training mode can be used but any tables set up in training mode will not remain after you switch out of training mode. Your layout needs to be set up in Live Mode.โ€‹

Detailed Steps

Set up your layout with the Table Builder

  • Pop into your Bustle Hub and head to Setup > iPad Setup and switch on the Table Layout toggle.

  • On your iPads, open the Bustle iPad till app and go to Settings > Sync menu. Table layout will be ready to roll.

  • Head to Settings > Table Builder to start.

  • Here you can create multiple floors by pressing the Add Floor button. Add the floors in the order you want them to appear as you cannot shift them around once created.

  • Drag a square or round table on to the floor from the window on the left, then name it (4 characters max).

  • You can adjust the size of a square table by pressing the lower right corner and dragging it to create a larger square or rectangle shape. Round tables cannot be re-sized at this point.

  • Having trouble getting a table into the lower left corner of the floor? Create the table, then press the Add Tables button to reveal the space and move the table into position.

  • To delete a table drag it down to the bin button. This cannot be done if tehre is an active tab on the table.

  • Press save to complete the changes and return to the main table layout screen.

Using Table Layout

Managing tables and tabs

  • Your table layout will appear by default. To switch to a list view, press List.

  • Your open tabs appear at the top, and any active (in-use) tables appear underneath.

  • Your table will display how long it has been open, the initials of the server, table number, Tab name (if entered) and the current table balance.

  • If you do a long press on a table in List view, a detailed view of the table and orders will appear.

  • The Quick Sale button at the bottom left of the screen is used to take you to the main items page of the Bustle Till. Here you can create an order without assigning to a tab or table.

Creating and using Tables

  • Press a table to start a tab on it. The table detail window will appear. Enter the following (optional) information.

    • Tab name

    • Add how many covers. If more than 9 you can press the covers field on the right and type in the amount manually

    • Order Docket Notes will print on every order taken for this table

    • Table Notes won't print. The are only to refer to.

  • Press OK to create the table

  • Your table will open on screen like it does for a tab, but with a little extra information

    • Table number - Tab name appears at the top.

    • The table number appears as a watermark on the order.

  • Add items and Close Tab as normal to park the table and send orders whizzing to printers or paperless.

  • Press the Table settings button to

    • Edit the information on the table

    • Print the summary of orders and items

  • Tabs can be moved on to tables by using the same Move functionality.


  • Two tabs are appearing on one table - see here.

  • One tab is showing up on two tables - check out this article.

  • You cannot add items to a quick sale order and then try to save it to a table. Name the tab first and close tab to send the order, then use the move functionality to move it to a table.

  • If you try to move a tab to a table without pressing close tab first (and saving the tab) your order will not print. You will need to locate the order in history, and re-print it.

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