Before we get to configuring your printer in posBoss, you will need to get the printer(s) all plugged in and ready to be printed to. Usually this is a very simple process but some printers need a bit of a kick start.

If you're struggling with this part, please get in touch with our support team and let them know where you're hitting an issue.

Now.... Let's get your Printer on your Network


Ethernet Versions only for these printers - Not USB



Please note for setup that the TM-U220B is a Dot Matrix printer, not Ethernet.

The newer models of Epson printers should plug via an ethernet cable into your router and be ready to be configured in the posBoss iPad till app.

Tip: Most Epson printers will work with posBoss. To quickly test if your printer works, grab an iPad, download the posBoss app and select the demo mode. You can try searching for and adding your printer here and if it works, you're good to go.

Try this first

Make sure your iPad is connected to your Wi-Fi and then...

In some cases - usually with older Epson printer models, they need to be configured for your network before being able to located on the network posBoss. If you're unable to find your printer with the search for printers button, please follow Epson's instructions below:

If your Epson printer has been set up to another network or router previously, you'll need to reset the printer to factory settings and then follow the Epson printer setup guide above. The process to reset the printer is near the bottom of Epson's guide .


Star Micronics Ethernet Printers - TSP143 (100) LAN

Star Micronics LAN (Ethernet) Printers plug via an ethernet cable into your router and are ready to be set up in the posBoss iPad till app. Make sure your iPad is connected to your Wi-Fi and then...


Click the links below for the setup instructions for each printer type.

Your Printer not on the list?

Check out the compatible models here...

Oh and one more thing!

Printer Paper

Make sure you order your 80X80 Thermal Roll printer paper as the printer will only come with a small roll, or possibly none.

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