Most likely cause - network/router issue.

Quick Fixes

Try these for a start!

  1. Do you have paper in the printer?
  2. Check Internet access is working
  3. Close and restart the posBoss app.
  4. Check the iPad is on the correct Wifi - or is paired to the iPad for bluetooth printers.
  5. Reboot the iPad.
  6. Check printer cables and reset them.
  7. Press the Search for printers button in printer settings to see if your troubleshooting has resolved the issue. 


If the above didn't work, try the following.

  • Go to Settings > Printers on the posBoss iPad app and make sure your printers are setup and activated.
  • Are you getting errors in the printer settings page? Try a test print. If not fixed up you may need to press the search for printers button (a printer's network address may change if the router has had an issue)
  • Try turning off the router for a full minute then restarting it. Leave it for another couple of minutes. (If you have Star printers, the IP address may have changed. Click the Search for printers button. If you are on a really old version of posBoss, click the button below to see how to check the printer's IP address and re-enter it into posBoss) - and you should upgrade to the latest version when you get a chance.

If you are still unable to print there may be an issue with your router which may need fixing or replacing. If the router seems to be functional, get in touch with us to discuss further. Here’s some questions to prepare:

  • Are you on the latest version of posBoss?
  • Has posBoss recently been upgraded?
  • Has anyone changed any settings in posBoss recently?
  • Has there been any recent disruptions, such as power outages? Tradesmen? Changes to the network?
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