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Printing is delayed or only works sometimes
Printing is delayed or only works sometimes

Dockets aren't printing on occasion? Printer only working sometimes? Bustle stops and starts printing?

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Most likely causes - Staff pressing the iPad Sleep button, Cash ups on all iPads not being done daily, iPad full, Network/router struggling

Sleeping the iPad

Do you have staff carrying around iPads and taking orders at the tables? If so, make sure they are not pressing the iPad's Sleep (Top) button after closing a tab. Pressing this button stops all communication from the iPad that may need to take place in the few seconds after closing a tab. Educate your team to leave it for 5 seconds before switching off.

If that's not the issue... try these Quick Fixes

  1. Fully close and restart the Bustle app and reboot the iPad.

  2. Are you cashing up all iPads daily (even if not used)? If not, cash up all of them at the end of shift (making sure to keep them in the locked position until all are cashed up - i.e. Sitting at the login screen) as this can cause issues with slowness.

  3. Are you on the latest version of Bustle? (Are any updates showing in the app store?)

  4. Is your iPad still compatible with Apple's latest iOS and the latest version of Bustle? Find out here.

  5. Does the printer's blue or green light flash occasionally? This means it is losing connection to your router and Bustle cannot see the printer. You may need to swap out or replace the cables, and/or try a different port on the router.

  6. Is your printer plugged into a power board with other machinery? Try plugging directly into a wall socket. Power surges on the boards can frequently cause dropouts.

  7. Check how full the iPad is: iPad Settings > General > iPad Storage. How much space is showing as free/unused? You may need to clear some space if less than 20% is unused.

  8. Reboot your router when you can. Leave off for a full 1-2 minutes before turning back on. (For Star printers, this may change the IP address so you may need to search for the printers again in the Bustle Printer settings)

Advanced - If all else fails!


  • Try removing the iPad from the network and connecting again. Got to the iPad settings >Wi-Fi and click the blue information button at the far right. Press “Forget This Network”. Locate the network and log into it again using the password.

  • Have a look at where the router is located. Is the signal strong enough? Is it near other electrical equipment or behind a wall or far away from the pos?

  • Do you have a dedicated network for Bustle with no other devices connecting? This is highly recommended, especially if you have more than one till or integrated eftpos.

  • How many people are connecting to the router? Are all your staff connected? Are customers accessing it? Is anything else connecting?

  • If a lot of people are connected, try resetting the password for the wi-fi and use the system with nothing else running on it. Does that improve things?

If you've tried the above and you are having ongoing issues, get in touch to discuss next steps. Wi-fi networks can get overloaded and you may need to look into options to strengthen this part of your till system - to get the Bustle software, payment terminals and printers working smoothly.

See below also for more advanced troubleshooting (to give to your IT or network tech)

  • Is there anything else running on the network that may be taking up the bandwidth (e.g. closed circuit cameras, streaming audio like SONOS)

  • Are you getting IP address conflicts or any other issues within the network.

  • Are the till system devices the only devices on the network (iPad, printers, payment terminals)?

  • Is the router a business or home grade router? A strong business grade router is highly recommended. The cheap router that comes with an internet connection is often not the best choice for running a business requiring a strong Wi-Fi signal.

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