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Creating, taking payment for and using pre-paid vouchers in Bustle

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Key Points

  • This article shows you how to take money and redeem pre-paid gift vouchers in Bustle.

  • For vouchers you don't take money for, or have been sold outside of Bustle - check out this Article.

  • Vouchers are a special type of Account. If you haven't seen it already, make yourself familiar with the Account process.

Detailed Steps

Create a Voucher

  • Vouchers are created and managed on the Bustle Till app.

  • Press the Settings button at the top right and press Accounts & Vouchers.

  • Press the Create Button, and select Voucher.

  • Fill in the simple details of the Voucher.

    • Enter a Name and Email (if you don't have their email, then enter the venue's email address)

    • Enter any Notes, such as an expiry date.

    • Don't enter in a Discount for a voucher. Discounts do not work for Vouchers. If you are giving a discount then enter a note and you can manage the discount at redemption,

    • Press Save.

View and Edit a Voucher

  • Head to Settings > Accounts & Vouchers

  • Locate the voucher by selecting the Voucher tab, then scroll or search for the voucher.

  • Press the Voucher to select it

  • Press the Edit icon and make your changes.

  • Then press Save.

Add Credit to your Voucher

  • Locate the voucher and press it to make it active.

  • Press Pre-pay Voucher

  • Enter the amount being paid into the calculator

  • Press Card or Cash


  • The amount will now be credited to the voucher and ready to be redeemed

Redeem a voucher

  • To redeem a voucher, place your order, tab or table as usual.

  • When it's time to pay, you can pay off the voucher by assigning up to the amount credited on the voucher.

  • If the total bill is more than the voucher amount, do a partial payment and press Accounts & Vouchers.

  • Locate the voucher and press it to make it active.

  • Press Assign.

  • Double check this is the correct voucher (as it's difficult to reverse) and press Confirm or Print for signature if correct.

  • If you try to assign more than the credited amount to a voucher, you will receive an error. Head back to the payment page and try again using up to the amount of credit.

  • If you have any remaining balance on your order, tab, or table - pay it off as normal to settle the bill.

Archive a Voucher

  • Archiving a Voucher can only be done when the balance is $0.00

  • Head to Settings > Accounts & Vouchers

  • Locate the Voucher and press to open the information window

  • To archive you can either swipe from right to left on the voucher, then press Archive...

  • Or press the edit button, press ARCHIVE at the top right, and press Archive again on the pop-up confirmation.

  • The voucher will disappear from the Bustle Till app, but can always be located on your Bustle Hub.


  • If you have made an incorrect payment on a voucher, fix it up by doing this.

  • To remove a voucher that is in credit but has expired, see here

  • If there is a difference between what is showing on the voucher in the Bustle Till app vs the hub, get in touch with support via the messenger so we can help further.

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