Hey there - Great decision to come with posBoss

Now - what hardware are you after and how do you order it?

We recommend talking to us (or one of our local partners) to confirm the best setup for your business - but if you want to go it alone - here's some handy help!

Before we start...

1. Get a decent Wi-Fi Router with Internet access.

Running more than one till or integrating eftpos machines with posBoss? We highly recommend getting a stronger router than a free one given out with your Internet subscription. Talk with your internet provider about their options for a decent router that can handle working in a commercial environment .

Do I really need Wi-FI?

2. Purchase your iPad/s

Order iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad Mini 3 (or later) minimum 32GB. 

And make arrangements for eftpos

Okay - Onto Hardware Ordering...

I don't know where to start - what will I need?

It's probably best to get in touch with our support team using the support channel and we'll have you sorted in a jiffy. 

What hardware works with posBoss?

Where can I order hardware?

Speak to one of our awesome hardware supply and setup partners local to you. Find them HERE

Alternatively, you can order direct from our website HERE and we'll get it whizzing out your way quick smart!

How do I set up my hardware?

Its easier than you think... Check out the video below for the basics:


Head to our article on adding printers to your network to locate the correct instructions for your particular printer brand and model...

And finally - search this help site for any other specific hardware setup - such as eftpos setup guides (Verifone, Smartpay, Windcave BNZ and so on...)

Need some help setting up?

We're more than happy to chat via the support messenger and even arrange a phone call if needed  - or check our Partners page (click setup) to see if there is someone in your area that help onsite.

Not sure where to start?

Get in touch with our lovely support team via the support messenger and we'll put you on the right path!


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