Hey there - Great decision to come with posBoss

Now - what hardware are you after and how do you order it?

We recommend talking to us to confirm the best setup for your business - but if you want to go it alone - here's some handy help!

Before we start...

1. Get a decent Wi-Fi Router with Internet access.

Running more than one till or integrating eftpos machines with posBoss? We highly recommend getting a stronger router than a free one given out with your Internet subscription. Talk with your internet provider about their options for a decent router that can handle working in a commercial environment .

Do I really need Wi-FI?

2. Purchase your iPad/s

Order iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or iPad Mini 3 (or later) minimum 32GB. 

And make arrangements for eftpos

Okay - Onto Hardware Ordering...

I don't know where to start - what will I need?

It's probably best to get in touch with our support team using the support channel and we'll have you sorted in a jiffy. 

What hardware works with posBoss?

Where can I order hardware?

In Australia?
Please check out our Partners page and press Hardware > Australia.

In New Zealand?
We can provide most hardware for your needs - head to Settings > Hardware on your posBoss management site.
Alternatively, check out our Partners page and press Hardware > New Zealand.

How do I set up my hardware?

Its easier than you think... Check out the video below for the basics:

Here are some more advanced tips on getting printers on your network (useful if you have bought Epson printers).

And finally - search our help site (here) for specific hardware setup - such as eftpos setup guides.

Need some help setting up?

We're more than happy to chat via the support messenger and even arrange a phone call if needed  - or check our Partners page (click setup) to see if there is someone in your area that help onsite.

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