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I've sold my business and the new owners want to use Bustle

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That's great news! We have a couple of options to consider when handing over Bustle to a new owner. Let's take a look...

Option 1 - New owners take over your account

Handing over the Bustle account entirely means that the new owner has access to your current menus, data and past reporting. You will need to make sure you have exported any data you need before handing over. This is the simplest method and all that is needed are the following steps on handover.

  1. Invite the new Owners by creating a new Boss account (don't change your email address to theirs)

  2. Change the Credit Card for Bustle subscription payments

  3. Let us know the new owner's name & email address for billing

  4. Edit company details for GST receipts

  5. Are you handing over the iPads? If so, changeover the Apple ID to the new owners - Change Apple ID

  6. Final step - Get the new owners to remove your Boss account from the Company Settings > Site Logins page.

Option 2 - New owners create a new account

This option is if the new owners want to start fresh with a new account. Here they can either build the menu from scratch, or, with your permission, we can copy over the items and menu to their new account.

Moving the menu and items to the new account should be done before any items are created on the account.

It copies:

  • Item/button names and sales price

  • Mods and categories

  • Menu layout

  • Products and suppliers (attached to the items being copied)

  • Item recipes and costings

It doesn't copy:

  • Items and mods not on the menu being copied

  • Item images

  • Reporting history

When the new owners take over, they’ll need to delete Bustle from the iPads, install and log in with their account and configure printers, eftpos etc. This is the article that guides new owners through the process.

Finally, with option 2, you'll have to cancel your account so please get in touch for the process.

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