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Bustle iPad app - Processing Payments
Bustle iPad app - Processing Payments

How do I pay for an order or tab in Bustle?

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Key Points

  • Bustle has a wide range of payment methods (split bill, pay by item, partial, discount, online).

  • We also integrate with a lot of payment providers, to make payment quicker and more easy to reconcile.

Detailed Steps

Payment Options

  • When you are ready to pay off an order, tab or table, ensure it is open on screen and press the Pay button.

  • On the payment screen you have a few options to choose from.

    • You will always land on Remainder. Here you pay the bill in full, or press remainder after paying off a partial amount to pay what's left.

    • Split allows you to pay off the bill by equal amounts across your guests. Press the + button to add more guests, then pay the amounts individually.

    • Items lets you select the items for payment. Tap an item to move it to the cashier screen, and pay by the payment type you need.

    • Partial allows you to type in an amount to pay (must be less than the total balance)

    • And finally, Discount lets you apply a discount to the entire bill. Select from the configured amounts or type the amount manually in to the calculator and press Apply Discount.

Payment Types

When paying, you have a few options to settle the bill and take that $$$. Let's take a look...


Record your payment as taken by card, or set up one of our payment integrations to have the bill amount sent directly to the terminal. Press the button to the right of Card to pay by card with a cash out.


Press Cash to record the payment as taken by physical money. Need a hand to work out the change? Easy - press the calculator button next to Cash, enter in the denomination and press Cash to pay.


The Hospo button is used when you are giving away items - otherwise known as Comps, or On the house. Press Hospo to record the amount (partial, items or remainder) and press Confirm.

Note: if you are using the Hospo payment type here on the payment page, we are unable to determine the items you are paying. The hospo report will show the amount taken here on the row called. "Unassigned Transactions".

Accounts & Vouchers

Use this button to assign the balance (or partial balance) to an account or voucher. See our article on accounts and vouchers for more.


There are two more buttons on the payments page.

Print Summary

This prints an itemised summary of the bill, with an optional section to add a tip (gratuity)

View bill

Pressing this button pops up a window displaying the items on a bill.

Quick reprint / email receipt

After you process a payment, a small window pops up giving oyu the opportunity to quickly print a receipt if the customer asks, or email the receipt to them. Once you press anywhere else on the screen this popup will dismiss, but you can access these functions in history.


  • Note that you are unable to reverse a discount once applied. See here for more.

  • Lost connection to your payment terminal? Check out this article.

  • Having trouble between Bustle and your payment terminal? See here to troubleshoot.

  • Note that even with pay by item, the full list of items prints on the tax invoice (as this is one bill even if paid in multiple amounts). To separate items for tax invoices, please follow this process.

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