First thing - it's GREAT to see you back! Now, let's get posBoss up and running again!

Step 1 - Log into the posBoss management site

Head to and hit the sign in button.
Any password issues? Give it a reset!

Step 2 - Get your subscription rolling

  • Click your company name at the top right of the site then select Subscription.

  • Press the Manage Your Subscription button.

  • On this page you select how often you want to pay, your base plan, and any add-ons. 

  • Double check you have selected correctly and press the Let's Do It button at the bottom of the page.

  • Enter in your credit card details and press the pay button to activate.

Now, you can update your menu and any settings to get rolling again.

Step 3 - Delete old versions of posBoss from your iPad

If you have any iPads still running posBoss, it's time for a fresh start - do a delete and reinstall. You won't lose any data by doing this. Don't log in at this point as your subscription is not yet active.

Step 4 - Log in to posBoss on the iPads

Now that your subscription is active again, you can log into the posBoss iPad till app on your iPad/s.

Step 5 - Cash up your iPad/s

This step is recommended, in case there are any orders from last time/season that weren't cashed up on last service. A great way to start fresh!

Step 6 - Test, update menu, sync and make some $$$

Get set up in training mode and check the system - Printers, eftpos etc. Check what to test here:

Update your menu and settings if needed, and make sure to sync menu on all iPads - any new menu Sections/Pages will need to be added to your printers for order dockets.

You're done! Time to make some $$$

Make money with posBoss

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