Here's some Quick Fixes to try...

  • Are you on the latest version of Paperless? Check the App store for updates.

  • Is the iPad connected to the Wi-fi and you can connect to a news website like or

  • Has the Paperless iPad been synced after you last changed your menu?

  • Are you regularly cashing up ALL iPads daily?

  • Is your team sending the orders to done (swipe down) or leaving them to build up on the Preparing screen?

Paperless slow or not receiving orders

Try a delete and reinstall of the Paperless App. When you sign in again, select the Replace/Recover option and select the location the iPad was set up for originally.

If you haven't been regularly cashing up your iPads, the build up of your item history can cause a lot of different issues. Fully cash up all iPads, keeping them locked at the PIN screen until all iPads are cashed up, then open them. Here is the full process for this fix

My new item is not coming through or an item I didn't order is appearing

This can happen if you have changed your menu and synced the iPad(s) running posBoss but haven't synced the Paperless locations.

To sync Paperless, Press the Settings cog icon at the top right, then press Sync device. That should fix you up.

Some Items not coming through or have disappeared off screen

Head to Settings > Menu Sections to display and make sure you have all the menu sections ticked on that you need for this location.

Please note: Turning off/unallocating a section or sections during ‘service’ causes all items in those section/s to disappear off any orders in progress on Paperless

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