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Bustle iPad app - Getting Started
Bustle iPad app - Getting Started

The basics of navigating the Bustle Till app.

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Key Points

  • The Bustle till app was made to be quick and easy to use, by us - a bunch of hospitality pro's, turned IT geeks.

  • We have a Three Tap Philosophy - Select, Order & Pay. (In most cases it should take no more than three taps to order an item and get to the pay screen) When you experience using our products you will notice our focus on simplicity and speed.

Detailed Steps

Let's take a look at the Bustle Till app on your iPad!


  • Across the top of the app you will find the pages of your menu. (Small subscription is limited to one page)

  • Press on the page tabs to view the items on each page.


  • Your items will appear below the pages in the sections you have allocated for them

  • Press an item to open it up - view the image and notes, add a note for the order or select your modifications and press add.

Your Order

  • On the right side of the page sits the display of your order, tab, or table.

  • The active order number will display, as well as any item you add to the order.

  • For more on creating orders, check out this guide

Time saving tips

  • We have a couple of time savers here (following our three tap philosophy)

  • Swipe - If you don't need to add a note or select a mod, simply swipe an item button towards the order. It will add to the order, along with any of your default mods on the item. In this case, a medium is default.

  • Double Tap - if you want to order the same item again, you can do a quick two-finger tap on the original item and a new item gets added with the same mods and notes selected (can be done on the same order or from a previous one on a tab).


  • Use the search bar to locate an item across all of your menu pages.

Till status indicator

  • At the top left of the screen is a cloud with a tick. This is how it should look when connected to the internet and up to date.

  • Press on the cloud for more information, especially if the cloud is grey, red or shows a red exclamation mark.

The Pay button (and more)

  • The Pay button at the bottom of an order can be swiped to reveal more functions.

  • Swipe from right to left to show

  • Swipe again to show

Payment Screen

  • Press Pay at the bottom of an order to select your payment options.

  • For more on payments, check out this guide.


  • To access the Bustle Till settings, press the button at the top right of the screen. The setting slide out will appear.

  • Here you can access:

    • Home - your usual Bustle screen with items and orders

    • History - view, and re-print past...

      • Orders (re-print failed orders)

      • Transactions (refunds, email receipts and tax invoices)

      • Cash ups

    • Pre-defined Tabs - create named tabs to pre-select on the till.

    • Accounts - assign orders and tabs for later payment.

    • Eftpos - connect to your payment terminal so you can send bill amounts directly.

    • Printers - configure your printers for orders, receipts and cash ups.

    • Cash up - send your daily financials and variance to your Bustle Hub.

    • Sync menu - bring down your latest menu and settings changes to the iPad.

    • Start Training - place orders and transactions that don't get saved to the system.

    • Lock Device - locks the till so you need a PIN number or emoji login to re-open.

More great features you can use...

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