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posBoss not connecting to eftpos terminal
posBoss not connecting to eftpos terminal

What do I do if I lose connection between the iPad and my Eftpos terminal or my Eftpos is no longer connected?

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Issues with Eftpos connections can occur due to several reasons, the most common ones being a change has happened to your terminal or your there is an issue with your router/wi-fi.

Let's see if we can get to the bottom of your Eftpos issues:

For all terminal issues, it always helps to:

  1. Make sure the correct Eftpos supplier is selected in the management site (under Setup > iPad Setup), especially if you've recently changed terminals

  2. Disconnect and reconnect the terminal (Settings > Eftpos)

  3. Make sure you have a strong and dedicated connection for all posBoss connections

  4. Close and restart the posBoss app.

  5. Reboot the router, iPad, and Eftpos terminal

In most cases, it is not an issue in posBoss itself. The final thing you could do is a delete and reinstall of posBoss. This would refresh all files but usually doesn't resolve these issues.

One final thing to check is that you have been cashing up all iPads daily (regardless of whether they have taken payment).

Have you lost connection to your Eftpos terminal?

Each terminal is slightly different so select the one you have for the correct troubleshooting steps:

Can't find the Eftpos button in the posBoss app settings?

You may need to check your settings on the management site

Eftpos transaction successful but posBoss doesn't close off?

Here's a quick fix for that

Is your Eftpos integrated with posBoss but no longer working?

This includes two common scenarios we see and fixes for it:

  1. Transaction goes through to the terminal but the posBoss payment doesn't close off as successful

  2. Transaction is sent out by posBoss but doesn't make it to the Eftpos terminal and closes off

Did you change terminals and it's no longer working?

If you are changing Eftpos providers or swapping out terminals, make sure you've disconnected your previous terminal first following these instructions

Finally, if you've tried everything we've advised and nothing works, it's best to contact an IT professional or the technical team of your Eftpos provider.

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